The 8th & 9th South Shields (St. Michael's) Brownies


Guiders and Leaders





I am Brown Owl, and my name is Sheena Kaupa. I took over this Brownie Pack in 1995 when it was on the point of closure. I was a Brownie in this pack, and my mother was Brown Owl. My father was a Scout Master also! You could say Guiding is in my blood! I have completed my First Response First Aid Certificate.





I am Tawny Owl and my name is Gail Maxwell. I've been helping Brown Owl since 1996 as an Assistant Guider, with the exception of a bit of a break after the birth of my son! I Like Sheena, my mum was a Guider and my father was a Scout Master and District Commissioner so it definitely runs in my family. I am largely responsible for the ideas for our crafts, so if anyone has any ideas of any crafts we could do in the future, I'd love to hear from you.





I am Honey Owl and my name is Dawn Blenkinsop. I used to work with Emma at McDonalds and came to help with Brownies in 2002. I have completed my Leadership qualification as an Assistant Brownie Guider and my First Response First Aid Certificate.




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